Jewelry Care


Here at made. we use a variety of metals in our designs. Please keep in mind that some factors, like how you wear and care for you jewelry, as well as other factors, such as skin acidity, can all affect your specific piece. We hope that the following information will help you understand your metal selection better and know how to best take care of it.

Antique Brass: This is brass that has already been oxidized to achieve a darker patina. Brass is a metal alloy of copper and zinc and so is naturally nickel-free. 

Plated Metals: We use both Gold Plated and Antique Silver Plated chains in our Classic Line. These pieces are more affordable due to the process of having a thin layer of gold or silver coated to a base metal rather than having a significant amount of karat gold. Plating can wear off over time, but proper care can be taken to extend its life (see below). We do our very best to source only plated materials that do not use nickel as the base metal.

Filled Metals: All of our pieces in our Signature Line are made with either Yellow-Gold Filled or Rose-Gold Filled chains. Due to the fact that these metals are made from pure 14k Gold and then “filled” with other alloys, their cost is higher. These alloys are typically brass (made up of copper and zinc) or copper, ensuring that they are nickel free. These pieces will not flake or “turn” over time.

Simple ways to prolong the life of your jewelry:

  • Avoid getting your jewelry wet. Don’t wear your pieces in the shower or when swimming.
  • Sweat can affect the finish on plated metals so we suggest not wearing your jewelry while excising or participating in an activity where you will be prone to sweat more.
  • Some people naturally have a higher skin acidity and may find that brass and plated metals have a chemical reaction with their skin that results in a greenish discoloration. To avoid this, we suggest either choosing an item from our Signature Line which is made with filled metals or wearing your pieces over your clothing rather than against your bare skin.
  • Spraying perfume or applying lotion after having put your jewelry on can also lead to a chemical reaction with plated metals. Do this first, let dry, and then accessorize!
  • Living near saltwater or in very humid conditions can cause some metals to darken. If this happens, you can gently clean your piece with a polishing cloth.
  • Consider storing your jewelry in a protective pouch (like what we ship our jewelry to you in) or wrapped in tissue paper to minimize oxidation of brass and plated metals.