made. exists to point to hope in Christ through products that serve as reminders of restoration & purpose as well as through serving & supporting hands on community efforts to heal the broken & help the hurting.

We dare to turn the inferior into beauty!

From the mine to what is made, your purchase helps to provide a safe environment for hurting women who are seeking recovery through the Restoration Home in Little Rock, AR. A portion of every sale is donated directly to serve the financial operation needs of the house. We also serve buy facilitating various craft classes for the women as we believe that community & creativity is invaluable & necessary in the recovery process.

If you or someone you know feels like they would benefit from Restoration Home, please fill out the form below for someone from their organization to contact you. If you are interested in donating funds, or arts/craft supplies for the women to use, please the associated buttons below and fill out the form.

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